Hey, I’ve been a bit sad lately, so i looked up uplifting quotes,and thought I’d share them with you!































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Little funny pics

Hey everyone!
I’ve been a bit bored lately , so I decided to solve the problem for all of you!











Some more…





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Hannah daydream
Some of the pics were a bit inappropriate but they were so funny I couldn’t resist putting them on here! Otherwise, sorry 😔

Pets and parents…

*sob* 😦
Today, when according to my mum I spent to long in the bathroom, which by the way was so unfair because I was doing my nails and hair too, but ANYWAY she kept complaining that I won’t have time to clean my cats litter box, and when I still didn’t come out she threatened to not let me go to my friends house… I didn’t believe her that she would do that, but she did. She then threatened to get rid of my cat, which would be the worst thing in all of eternity, and now I’m really worried she will do it. My parents overreact A LOT so I’m not sure if they will or won’t do it, especially as this morning my dad said that if I didn’t do everything (tidying my room, cleaning the litter box…) then I would have to go to bed early the next day. Tomorrow I’ll be in bed at about 8:00. If my parents did do all of them things, then I’m really worried about my cat (which I will call Mia on this blog) , which also brings up another memory: once when I was on the bus home from school, my friends kicked my bag over. It wasn’t anything that big, just a friendly prank, but one of the side pockets opened, and everything came out, which was: a packet of tissues, a bracelet, a beautiful stone, and a tub filled with my most special things: Mia’s 2 baby teeth, and I only had 2, some fur from my fave teddy a bead from my old bracelet…) I picked everything up, but the tub, being a cylinder shape rolled away because the bus was moving, and I wasn’t gonna go chasing some teeth around a bus, was I? I didn’t even notice at first… But I never got it back. I know it wasn’t much, but it meant a lot to me. I was only little when I got the teeth, so to me it was something huge… I don’t know why but it still brings back sadness when I think about it… Any advice?
Hannah daydream xx


The pic isn’t of my cat.. The blogs anonymous! I won’t be posting any pictures NOT off the internet xx


Hey. Today I’m gonna be talking about friendship… Does it always work out? What about jealousy? Me and my bestie were always really close… We met in the holidays all the time at my house but… When we came back to school she started acting wierd… Different. She takes every chance possible to insult me, yet when I asked a friend to talk to her she said it was a joke. Sure, cause saying I’m not allowed to say a teddy/duck-bear-pencil-case’s  name.. Well nickname… Because I’m a cheeka And not an Amiga is such a great joke????? And she sounded pretty serious about it at the time, too. Then, my friend ( I will call her Bella on this blog) got fed up with her, so she decided to annoy her by asking for her money back. My bestie (I will call her lux on this blog) said she didn’t owe her any money, and I got stuck in the middle. Worst place to be in. me and my other friends including Bella, and NOT lux, thought she might be jelous of me. I really don’t want her to be, what do you think? And how can I sort this out?


Hannah daydream xx


Hey. Today she was even worse. She kept reminding me of really embarrassing moments, and when a new one happened she told EVERYONE! I told her I might miss my bus because we were really late, and she laughed. I don’t think it’s jealousy anymore. I think she thinks I did something to her, but I didn’t. At all!


Hannah daydream xx

Girl online review

Hey! Lately I have been totally in love with zoella (a youtuber) and I bought her book: girl online. It only took me about 3 days to read it, and I LOVED it! So… I decided to do a review on it! The plot is:
There’s a young girl, called penny. She is very similar to zoella and writes a blog, and gets panic attacks. One day, she has to go to New York, where she meets Noah. She falls in love, and mentions it on her blog, but when she gets back, things get worse than ever before. Read it to find the rest out!
I loved this story (as I’ve said before!), and would recommend it to all zoella fans, aka: girls between 11 and 17 years. It’s an excellent read! Out of 10, I would rate it 10!
Hannah daydream xx

First followers!

So… Today when I logged onto my blog, I saw something new… 3 new followers! Pj clouse was one, and thank you for your kind words too, and there was also thegirlfromthere who loves zoella almost as much as me! I’m not exacly sure who the 3rd follower is, so if anyone knows how to check who your followers are on the ipad, and let me know in the comments, then that would be great! 🙂 make sure you check out thegirlfromoverthere’s and pj clouse’s blogs! (I will be adding to this post once I find out who my last follower is)


Hannah daydream xx


I know who my secret follower is! It’s:


Be sure to check out her blog!

3 reasons to why you should comment on blogs

Today, I wanted to share with you some reasons as to why you should comment on blog posts. It means so much, and takes so little time. I know from my own experience that after a few days of writing your new blog, you get a bit disappointed that you don’t have any comments, let alone followers. I understand that bloggers such as zoella spent several years on their blogs before it became popular, but don’t you want to support others just that little bit? Here are a few reasons to prove my point…

(Warning: negative comments [unless you are are giving advice] cause the exact opposite. Don’t try it!)

1)  it takes so little time! – how long can it take? 2 seconds? Even 1 word, such as: cool, or neat! Can make a persons day… Don’t you want to be that spark that ignites the world around you?

2)  it means so much! – one little comment can show a blogger that somebody out there is listening to them, that there’s someone that likes them for them!

3) it helps the blog grow! – as soon as 1 person follows or comments, a ton of other people do the same.. Surely it can’t be that terrible just to press a button and follow them?!

So, that’s it! Let me know in the COMMENTS (wink, wink) how I did, and what else I should post about. Have a lovely day!


Hannah daydream xx


I really hope that no haters decide to come along, and that you will all be very supportive, and that you get the hint that I am desperate for followers… I’m not forcing this on you! Remember that. I’m just saying this as a plea for support..

Uh, oh… School!

The 1st day of school is here! You may be thinking of this as the worst news ever, but here are a few tips on how to make it awesome!

1) you get to see your friends!

2) you can show off your Christmas presents!

3) waking up bright and early will make you ready for the day!

Unfortunately, as it’s school, I couldn’t find any other or better reasons 😦 BUT my personal advice is to face the day with a positive attitude. A bad one can ruin any happy moments. Have fun!


Hannah daydream xx