3 reasons to why you should comment on blogs

Today, I wanted to share with you some reasons as to why you should comment on blog posts. It means so much, and takes so little time. I know from my own experience that after a few days of writing your new blog, you get a bit disappointed that you don’t have any comments, let alone followers. I understand that bloggers such as zoella spent several years on their blogs before it became popular, but don’t you want to support others just that little bit? Here are a few reasons to prove my point…

(Warning: negative comments [unless you are are giving advice] cause the exact opposite. Don’t try it!)

1)  it takes so little time! – how long can it take? 2 seconds? Even 1 word, such as: cool, or neat! Can make a persons day… Don’t you want to be that spark that ignites the world around you?

2)  it means so much! – one little comment can show a blogger that somebody out there is listening to them, that there’s someone that likes them for them!

3) it helps the blog grow! – as soon as 1 person follows or comments, a ton of other people do the same.. Surely it can’t be that terrible just to press a button and follow them?!

So, that’s it! Let me know in the COMMENTS (wink, wink) how I did, and what else I should post about. Have a lovely day!


Hannah daydream xx


I really hope that no haters decide to come along, and that you will all be very supportive, and that you get the hint that I am desperate for followers… I’m not forcing this on you! Remember that. I’m just saying this as a plea for support..

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