Pets and parents…

*sob* 😦
Today, when according to my mum I spent to long in the bathroom, which by the way was so unfair because I was doing my nails and hair too, but ANYWAY she kept complaining that I won’t have time to clean my cats litter box, and when I still didn’t come out she threatened to not let me go to my friends house… I didn’t believe her that she would do that, but she did. She then threatened to get rid of my cat, which would be the worst thing in all of eternity, and now I’m really worried she will do it. My parents overreact A LOT so I’m not sure if they will or won’t do it, especially as this morning my dad said that if I didn’t do everything (tidying my room, cleaning the litter box…) then I would have to go to bed early the next day. Tomorrow I’ll be in bed at about 8:00. If my parents did do all of them things, then I’m really worried about my cat (which I will call Mia on this blog) , which also brings up another memory: once when I was on the bus home from school, my friends kicked my bag over. It wasn’t anything that big, just a friendly prank, but one of the side pockets opened, and everything came out, which was: a packet of tissues, a bracelet, a beautiful stone, and a tub filled with my most special things: Mia’s 2 baby teeth, and I only had 2, some fur from my fave teddy a bead from my old bracelet…) I picked everything up, but the tub, being a cylinder shape rolled away because the bus was moving, and I wasn’t gonna go chasing some teeth around a bus, was I? I didn’t even notice at first… But I never got it back. I know it wasn’t much, but it meant a lot to me. I was only little when I got the teeth, so to me it was something huge… I don’t know why but it still brings back sadness when I think about it… Any advice?
Hannah daydream xx


The pic isn’t of my cat.. The blogs anonymous! I won’t be posting any pictures NOT off the internet xx

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  1. OK Hannah your bringing out the grandma in me. First of all you do have to share the restroom with the family, you can do your nails in your bedroom. And second if Mia is your cat then he/she is your responsibility. Keep in mind you probably promised to take care of the kitty if your parents would let you have one, and if you make them change the smelly box they would rather find another home for Mia. Now as for loosing her baby teeth… lesson learned… keep your prized possessions at home.
    Good luck



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